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[v1.6.1.13] Error while receiving quantities from supplier order


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Hello guys.

I don't know if someone else found this bug, but I encountered an error while updating quantities received into my last supplier order.

This is the scenario. I have 3 products ordered in my supplier order, let's say a, b and c. I ordered 20 quantities for product a, 100 for product b and 70 for product c.

When the courier arrived at the warehouse, we found out different quantities, so we needed to adjust them into the supplier order.

For product a now we have 28 to add instead of 20, for product b 97 instead of 100 and for product c 72 instead of 70. So, when we updated the quantities with those ones, Prestashop set the supplier order as completely received, when it's obviously false, since we still need to receive 3 quantities for product b (because 97 instead of 100).

Anyone else with this bug? Do we have a public fix for that?

If someone could step in to propose a solution, it woyld be very appreciated.


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