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Redirection loop after login


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Good morning to everybody,
I'd like to know if someone has already found this bug and has solved it, I'm explaing the matter now.
In 1 out 10 cases, when a customer want to order products and he fill the login form on the second step of the processus, he is redirected to his account page and not to the third step or sometimes he is redirected too much time and nothing is loaded.
I'have found issues like this on internet and some solutions like this one http://www.matthieu-jalbert.fr/probleme-connexion-compte-retour-accueil-prestashop-1-6-0-14/ (sorry the page is in french) which consist in overriding the authController but nothing change.

This bug appear even if i'm in private navigation without cookies and cache.
I checked my htaccess file but nothing alarming, am short of ideas. 


I have some others problems, which in my opinion are related to this one, when i'm trying to disconnect the page is reloaded but am still logged and sometimes when am trying to access my account page I'm redirected too much time.


Ps: PrestaShop


I apologize for my english and hope someone could help me to fix the matter.

Thank you so much

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