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Too long time when order confirmation


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Dears All,

when customer/visitor confirm order - last step in cart, tooks so long time.

I opened Profiling with these results - enclosed file.

There is huge time in PostProcess, maybe this is problem (or definetely).


Could you somebody help?


Thank you so much for any help.



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I am not sure what to make of your statistics.


My usual suspect for an order confirmation would be the feedback from the payment provider. What raises the obvious question: did you try with different kinds of payment?


Further it would be recommended to check how long your queries take by setting _PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_ in config/defines.inc.php to true.

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I don't have experience with profiling in 1.7. But in 1.6 and lower it produces a list of the (usually hundreds of) database queries and the time they took. When you know which query gives problems you can check its database tables: are they too large? Do they miss an index?, etc


I don't know where the table that you show in the first post comes from. But it seems to me rather useless.

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