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PS Incorrect price displayed when volume discounts and combinations are used


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Hey there, I'm trying to set up a discount for purchases over 50 units and all works fine even if combinations with price impact are added but the unit price displayed is incorrect. Here is what it looks like:


Product is available in 2 variations: 1GB (€5.80) and 2GB (€6.56), when 50 or more purchased there is a €0.22 discount applied.


I created combinations where 2GB product is €0.76 more expensive than the 1GB one, I also created a specific price on the product page to apply €0.22 discount for purchases over 50qty. And here is what I get:


1GB product *1: €5.80 per unit

2GB product *1: €6.56 per unit


1GB product when *50qty: €5.58 per unit as expected

2GB product when *50qty: €5.58 per unit (have no idea why) but on the volume discount tab the correct value is displayed (€6.34) and when I add items to a cart the total price is also correct €317 (€6.34*50). Please see the attached.


Spent few hours on this already and I have a feeling that I am missing something super silly or perhaps I'm getting blind in my old age :( or is this a bug?


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Hi just444, did you find a solution to this?

Under discount, it certainly doesn't sum it correctly. It does the math the wrong way!

The discount should NOT be 6,34. That is the actual price with the lowest discount, right?

I am facing the same issue, and hoping you found a working solution to this, which I can adopt :)

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