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Good morning, I had an issue with sending email that I solved. While trying to solve I mess up a bit with folder/file permission and add 777 to few folder instead of original configuration. The issue was not related to the permission anyway. My problem now is that I don't remember the folder I modify to 777 neither I remember previous permission configuration.

Do you have a list of file and related permission so I can set correct permission?

Thank you,


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Usually the folder/directories perms are 755/644

However you might need to set up 775 for some, here is my list:

shop_root/config/ shop_root/cache/ shop_root/log/ shop_root/img/ shop_root/mails/ shop_root/modules/ shop_root/themes/your_theme/lang/ shop_root/themes/your_theme/pdf/lang/ shop_root/themes/your_theme/cache/ shop_root/translations/ shop_root/upload shop_root/download shop_root/log shop_root/cache/smarty/compile shop_root/your_theme/autoupgrade 

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