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Shipping option per weight on carrier

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Hi everyone,


I have a problem with my prestashop to configure my shipping carrier for my products, and I hope to find help from you.


I use PrestaShop and I have create 5 carrier with different weight

- CARRIER 1 >= lb 0.000000 - < 0.019000

- CARRIER 2 >= lb 0.020000 - < 0.049000

- CARRIER 3 >= lb 0.049000 - < 0.500000

- CARRIER 4 >= lb 0.501000 - < 1.000000

These four carrier are for small products, this product I want to send with Post mail.

For every carrier I have add to point "3 Size, weight, and group access" Maximum package weight (lb)

For carrier 1 I have add Maximum package weight (lb) = 0.200000

carrier 2 I have add Maximum package weight (lb) = 0.049000

carrier 3 I have add Maximum package weight (lb) = 0.500000

carrier 4 I have add Maximum package weight (lb) = 1.000000



And for other products weighing more than 1 kg I want to send with DHL

- CARRIER 5 >= lb 1.000000 - < 10.000000


This solution helped me to buy quick labels and to shipping fast, and I hope to find any solved here.

I have try to find my problem on internet before to ask here, or to find any module, but I have not found any solution for me.


My problem is, I have add to "Package weight" for one product lb 0.045000 and than I have add on My Cart, I have try to buy this product, and then I realized for Shipping option, appear all carrier, :(  normal to work fine need to see only the CARRIER 2 for this product.


I do not know if I did something wrong, or the PrestaShop don't work properly.


I hope for someone to answer and to find a solution!


Thank you very much everyone!

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There is no need of an extra module. You should configure to don't show the carrier, when rule not apply.


Tab Shipping -> carriers -> open the specific carrier and than on tab 2 -> shipping locations and cost  -> configure "out of range carriers = Disable carrier. In this case the carrier will be disabled, if not in the range you configured. Only the carrier in the range will be appear in selection.




Other possibility is on product site. If you have  carriers for heavy weight transport, than you can block other carriers for product x there.


Tab Catalog -> products -> open your product -> shipping. Add the allowed carriers to the right side. If all carrier are added, than all carrier apply. If you add only the carrier for heavy weight transport, than only this will be available FOR THIS PRODUCT.



After you have doen the new configuration. You should log-out as customer, delete the smarty cache, and delete browser cache and browser cookie sessions.

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