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Presta 1.6.1.x - OnePageCheckout - Guest shopping - Windows edge bug


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I have strange bug with Windows Edge browser or Prestashop nad

Shop is configured to accept guests checkout and One Page checkout.

So there is a button with id="opc_guestCheckout". Its translated to "Zakupy bez rejestracji" ~ "buy without registration/login".

In Firefox or Chrome this button opens form with personal and adres data (to fill).

But in Edge browser click redirects to https://podkasztanami1.pl/logowanie

​So Guest Checkout is impossible.


Edge debug shows JS errors in https://podkasztanami1.pl/themes/podkasztanami1/js/autoload/15-jquery.total-storage.min.js

and https://podkasztanami1.pl/js/tools.js


Can i ask for some help? Maybe someone can confirm that bug exist or is it my Edge browser problem (all extensions removed).


The link is above, but just to be sure, shop is here: https://podkasztanami1.pl/


Thank You.

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