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Prestashop stopped working, possibly due to db%prefix mismatch


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my e-shop recently stopped working. I can't make an order and pay for it with any payment method available. I can't even transform cart into order in the backoffice.


When I openned my MySQL db, there were ussual ps_ prefixed tables, but I noticed there were many strange tables that started like { { db_prefix } }.


So my guess is that the settings which handles the db-prefix broke, but I am unable to find it. If you could show me the direction or help me, I'd really appreciate it.



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The most likely culprit is some module that you added. I would start disabling any suspect module first. 


But it is hard to be more specific. I don't know what modules you have, when the problem started, which tables were "duplicated", what content was put in the duplicates and what happened in the mean time with the regular tables. 


So I suggest that you either spend some time yourself finding patterns or that you outsource the problem (hire someone).

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