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Sometimes error while saving product + TinyMCE editor disappeared from product editing page


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I have a big problem in my website in prestashop.


I click in the BO on a product.

And then (for example), i shut the product down, or change the name or simply do nothing and i click on the safe button.


Then, at the top of the page appear mostly of the time 2 or 3 errors.

They say that the product need to put in a category. And the field 'friendly url?' is mandatory in dutch.


But the error's are not real, because when i click another time on the safe button (without change anyting in the mean time) the product is saved.


Sometimes there are no errors, sometimes 2, sometimes 3, and sometimes i need to push the save button 4 times before the product is saved, and sometimes i only need to click 2 times.


This happens with every product.

It seems like to help when i (after an error) navigate to for example the category or SEO page before pushing the save button again!


Then in the editor product (as you can see in attach file) disappeared, but also in the CMS page editor.


The error i think is the TinyMCE but i don't know as resolve.


Help me please


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