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Paul C


Wow, that gave me a fright :cheese:

Almost every click I made added another mug shot at the top of the page. Every felt that the "staff" were following you around the shop!!

On a serious note; A nice touch folks it demonstrates that you guys are online, active and part of the community; You get a thumbs up for me for the addition to the forum.

Now we just need to know what Damien has to hide.... :lol:


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ha ha ha !
Paul, you're so funny... !!

so, that's an excellent idea! love this approach.
very original. and we feel less alone.
hope, you guys, will be effectively "very" activ in the forums ;-)

and about Damien, I think he did not shaved himself since a few months - he's the only dev working on the 1.1 project.. ;-)

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