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Plugivery API?

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Is anyone using Plugivery's supplied API which allows selling of DAW plugins?


I do not see any logical way how to implement it.


Here's a link: http://api.plugivery.com/catalog/?act=doc&print=2&token=9d42e02c534c1c9d381fe90e1e370430


I have discussed with their tech support that Presta usually requires a module to be installed which then connects to a web service / API.


Can anyone explain how to get this to work?


Much appreciated.


Plugivery states:



In order to facilitate resellers tasks, we have build useful APIs that you may take advantage of.

Each API requires a user ID/password authentication. Usage of our APIs have strict limitations that should be well understood and respected :

  • Dealers that use our APIs should never directly serve their web pages to their visitors : Webmasters must CACHE results (or store content in a database) from the API and regularly REFRESH the content by "querying" our APIs. Queries per days are LIMITED and so, excessively overloading the limits would get your API access to be revoked !
  • Some APIs provide images that dealers can freely copy and use on their own server to make attractive product pages for their visitors. It is nevertheless strictly forbidden to directly link ("Hotlink") our images to your own website pages. Usage of our images are monitored and any abuse of this rule would lead to an immediate revocation of your dealer account.




"This API can be used to fetch product information directly from the Plugivery Catalog enabling our partners to quickly and conveniently create attractive product pages."



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