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Allow customer to buy only one product per category


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As the title suggests, I would like to allow customers to only put one product per category into the shopping cart.


If a customer tries to add a second article of the same category to the shopping cart, there should be a (customizeable and translateable) popup-message, which notifies the customer about this limitation.


In the backend I'd like to set to which categories this rule should apply to (it should not apply to all!)


Does anything like that already exist? (I can see that there are modules out there, which for example limit the quantity per customer group.)


Otherwise: Anyone willing to provide me with a proper solution, I can spare a few bucks …

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Can you create such a module?
I guess you will at least need ftp-access to the /override folder of my shop?

I am using PrestShop version 1.6.10. Ideally it should also work for the future versions of prestashop. (Just tell me which override-files or code I need to preserve.)

How much would that cost? I can pay via PayPal and would need an invoice for my company.

To clarify/repeat what I need:
The limitation should apply per order. For example: If the customer wants to purchase two products of the same category, he has to place two separate orders. He can not put more than one product of the same category into his shopping cart. If he tries it, he gets a pop-up message.

Note: It is not urgent, I will probably come back to you not before 10th of January.


Thanks in advance!

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