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  1. The issue has been solved by: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/12048
  2. Thanks for your answers, in PS 1.6 it was possible to edit those "slugs" but in 1.7 this feature seems to be missing completely. So right now it is simply impossible for me to turn on URL rewriting because of the error message.
  3. Hi! I recently upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7.5 When activating the URL rewriting in "Traffic & SEO" the following message appears: Keyword "{id_product_attribute}" required for route "product_rule" (rule: "{category:/}{id}-{rewrite}{-:ean13}") It refuses to switch on url rewrite and I can't edit the URL scheme, it is just not there. Settings in old version (1.6) were as follows: Route to products: {category:/}{id}-{rewrite}{-:ean13} Route to category: {id}-{rewrite} Route to category which has the "selected_filter" attribute for the "Layered Navigation" (blocklayered) module: {id}-{rewrite}{/:selected_filters} Route to supplier: {id}__{rewrite} Route to manufacturer: {id}_{rewrite} Route to CMS page: content/{id}-{rewrite} Route to CMS category: content/category/{id}-{rewrite} Route to modules: module/{module}{/:controller} I would appreciate any ideas on how to solve this.
  4. With debug mode enabled, trying to open "modules & services" in Dashbards yields: ???
  5. Status: Using default theme. Old htaccess deleted. Shop is online. Cache is disabled. Overrides on/off tested - no difference. Modules not from prestashop on/off - no difference. Information: PrestaShop version: Required parameters: OK Optional parameters: OK Server information: Linux #1 SMP Debian 3.16.59-1~ui80+1 (2018-10-03) x86_64 Server software version: Apache PHP version: 7.2.12 Memory limit: 256M Max execution time: 300 Upload Max File size: 64M MySQL-Version 5.5.60-0+deb7u1-log Changed/missing files have been detected. Updated files (1) robots.txt Problems: Frontend: • On products clicking "quick view" does nothing. • All product links are broken, returning "error 500" Turning pretty URLs on/off changes nothing, product links still returning error 500 Backend: • Translation of menus gone. • SuperAdmin can't access sites like "orders", "customers", "localization" etc. • Module & Services is completely broken, returning "error 500" for every user Enabling debug mode yields in frontend:
  6. I found out what the problem was: I was logged in as an "Admin" not a "SuperAdmin". So it was a "missing rights"-issue. Now it worked. Still: There should be a more specific feedback instead of just a blank screen. 😄
  7. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/5496-.html Current version: 4.4.2 (11/20/2018)
  8. Das stimmt. Allerdings stellt sich die Frage, ob ein Webhoster, der das nicht zulässt, generell dafür geeignet ist, um darauf einen professionellen (geschäftlichen) Online-Shop zu betreiben. 😉
  9. Whenever I install the module "1-Click-Upgrade" I get a blank screen in my browser with the URL saying ".../index.php?tab=AdminSelfUpgrade&token=..." with some number after the equals sign. When I go back to the Dashboard, it appears the module has been installed. However when I click on the "1-Click-Upgrade" (in "Advanced") or enter the settings to the module (in "Modules") I get the blank screen again. Enabling error logging yields the following result (note: full paths redacted) Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method AdminSelfUpgrade::displayErrors() in /admin/functions.php:281 Stack trace: #0 /admin/functions.php(422): checkingTab('AdminSelfUpgrad...') #1 /classes/Dispatcher.php(347): runAdminTab('AdminSelfUpgrad...', false) #2 /admin/index.php(58): DispatcherCore->dispatch() #3 {main} thrown in /admin/functions.php on line 281 Versions: Prestashop 1.6.18 (would have upgraded sooner if above works) 1-Click-Upgrade v4.4.2 PHP-Version 7.0.32 MySQL-Version 5.5.60-0+deb7u1-log memory_limit=256M max_execution_time=120 max_input_time=120 upload_max_filesize=64M post_max_size=64M Thanks for any advice on how to fix this.
  10. Habe die Lösung bereits selbst gefunden: Eine php.ini mit den entsprechenden Einträgen muss in das "admin" Verzeichnis von prestashop. Es reicht offenbar nicht wenn diese php.ini im Stammverzeichnis von prestashop liegt!
  11. Hallo, ich möchte unter "Voreinstellungen" (Prestashop 1.6) das Upload-Volumen erhöhen. Derzeit steht dort: Maximale Größe des Dateianhangs: 8 MB Maximalgröße für Download-Artikel: 2 MB Maximale Größe der Artikelbilder: 2 MB Bei allen (!) drei Einträgen steht im Tooltipp der Hinweis auf den Wert des Servers und am Ende "aktuell: 2 MB". Wenn ich die Einträge erhöhe, erscheint nach dem Speichern der Hinweis: "Das gewählte Limit ist größer als die maximale Anzahl des Upload-Limit. Bitte erhöhen Sie die Werte des Servers." Gemäß phpinfo() ist am Server folgendes eingestellt: post_max_size: 64M upload_max_filesize: 64M In der .htaccess sind keinerlei Einträge in diese Richtung (php_value post_max_size oder php_value upload_max_filesize) vorhanden. Wie kann ich obige Werte erhöhen? Danke!
  12. I noticed that the order confirmation e-mail which the customer receives (order_conf.html), is different than the order confirmation e-mail the shop owner receives (new_order.html of the "mailalerts" module) The "order_conf.html" uses {products} and {discounts} to display the information. The "new_order.html" uses {items} to display the information. Now: I'd like the second one to display exactly the same, as the first one does, because right now, the first one contains more information (due to a module) than the second one. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  13. Hi. I am interested in this module. Does it work with Multishop? My goal is to use the same template for two different frontends (with the same backend) with different css.
  14. Can you create such a module? I guess you will at least need ftp-access to the /override folder of my shop? I am using PrestShop version 1.6.10. Ideally it should also work for the future versions of prestashop. (Just tell me which override-files or code I need to preserve.) How much would that cost? I can pay via PayPal and would need an invoice for my company. To clarify/repeat what I need: The limitation should apply per order. For example: If the customer wants to purchase two products of the same category, he has to place two separate orders. He can not put more than one product of the same category into his shopping cart. If he tries it, he gets a pop-up message. Note: It is not urgent, I will probably come back to you not before 10th of January. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi! As the title suggests, I would like to allow customers to only put one product per category into the shopping cart. If a customer tries to add a second article of the same category to the shopping cart, there should be a (customizeable and translateable) popup-message, which notifies the customer about this limitation. In the backend I'd like to set to which categories this rule should apply to (it should not apply to all!) Does anything like that already exist? (I can see that there are modules out there, which for example limit the quantity per customer group.) Otherwise: Anyone willing to provide me with a proper solution, I can spare a few bucks …
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