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addJqueryUI - 1st parameter $component not used


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Thefunction addJqueryUI('component') works in 1.6 but not in 1.7


Here is the line to load datepicker for exemple, with no effect in 1.7:

Looking at the public function addJqueryUI in /classes/controller/Frontcontroller, I found out that the 1st parameter $component was not used, which I guess explains why the function doesn't work in PS 1.7:
    public function addJqueryUI($component, $theme = 'base', $check_dependencies = true)
        $css_theme_path = '/js/jquery/ui/themes/'.$theme.'/minified/jquery.ui.theme.min.css';
        $css_path = '/js/jquery/ui/themes/'.$theme.'/minified/jquery-ui.min.css';
        $js_path = '/js/jquery/ui/jquery-ui.min.js';

        $this->registerStylesheet('jquery-ui-theme', $css_theme_path, ['media' => 'all', 'priority' => 95]);
        $this->registerStylesheet('jquery-ui', $css_path, ['media' => 'all', 'priority' => 90]);
        $this->registerJavascript('jquery-ui', $js_path, ['position' => 'bottom', 'priority' => 90]);

Does anybody from Presta team have an explanation ? Is it a bug ?


Thanks and regards

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