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Quantity changes automatically - error

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Hi , All the sudden  default  qty  changes  automatically  with  some random   qty  this  also  affect  purchasing  with Paypal  option.


This  start  happen  today , When I called  Hosting company  this  must  be plug in or   Javascript  error. 


But I have  no idea  how to fix  this Please help. 


*  All Attribute   quantity  is  correct .

*  Default   is  1 


[email protected]



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Disable all non native modules and overrides.


Rollback your database to the latest version on where quantities where correct (if possible and there are non new data - orders, customers).


Check if your database server wasn't hacked. Changes on mass by an x IP. This could be seen on server logs.



You are using PS 1.5. ? You should take into consideration to upgrade all your modules and at least also the Prestashop version. It could be that you are using a hackable module....

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