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Fast way to add new products


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Hello guys, so i have a online shop and i want to import products in mass without losing time going to dashboard clicking add new product and do everything, i've bought this (link) prestashop theme but theres no instructions of adding products in mass. 


What is the best and fastest way to add products?

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Some import modules can hadle excel files, without the need to convert to CSV. But still if you want to import the products you need to have images somewhere online, for the shop to download.

I've tried to import once again and it shouts me an 500 error

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Actually, the 500 error often occurs when the import times out, then you can try to split the data into smaller chunks. If it occurs right away then something may be wrong in the data.

Im watching an youtube tutorial about csv importing but when i go to the next step, its all wrong. (it is in portuguese)


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