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[SOLVED] Smarty cache and backend issue


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I have an issue with the backend of my shop after changing parameters of Smarty cache.

I have activated Smarty cache with File system option as Caching type and Clear cache everytime something has been modified option as Clear cache. When I change the parameter Template compilation from Force compilation to one of the two other options, the backend crashes : if I click on any link of the menu (end even if the controller changes in the URL), the admin page stays on Performance parameters page. The front end works normally.


I have tried to clear all caches. I have tried to change CCC options. Nothing changes.

So, I have to stay with the Force compilation option to be able to use my backend...


If anyone could help me.





VapoteShop theme v. 1.6.1

Issue on our production server (OVH Performance 3, PHP 5.6.25 and Apache server on Linux) and on our dev. server (PHP 5.4.45 and Apache server on Debian Linux)

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The issue is solved.


I have compared the /config/smarty.config.inc.php file between a "clean" Prestashop install and my own issued install.

I found that the $smarty->caching value was set to true instead of false in this config file (I don't remember why we have changed this value...).

All works fine now.


Sorry for this mistaken issue message.



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