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Module to work with my Pre-Order settings

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It seems whatever pre-order / stock modules I look at, none do exactly what I want.


I have tweaked combinations to offer 10% and Full Payment options on products which I will JUST use for pre-orders. This is fine and works well(modules seem to offer full or part, not both on same product). What I notice though is product still shows as in stock, i can obviously type "PRE-ORDER" on title,  and it states pre-order payment options above combinations, but customers will still order thinking it is in stock. So other option is to allow stock when zero stock, and change text to "Pre-Order" on the button. Looks fine, BUT I have no way of managing how much stock is sold, my products are often limited, or we know the exact number we are getting so need some kind of control over inventory. The first option gives me this, the second option does not. The second option highlights its a pre-order more, the first option does not.


I need both these to make the set up ideal. Paying the balance if 10% is paid can be dealt with manually(i add a new product showing JUST the balance due and link customer to it), so thats not a problem.


Any suggestions? I am using Presta

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Here is the option where I would have to manually manage stock, looks better, but can foresee over selling!



Here is the option where I can manage stock


Doesnt look too bad on that last link, but see attached screen shot to show it appears as if in stock on main screenand the Pre-Order text is cropped.



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