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  1. I use combinations on pre-orders to offer a payment of:- a)full amount b)10% deposit So is there anyway for me to set combinations so they ALWAYS make the same impacts on price? So in this case:- a)no impact b ) -90% So each time I do a combination I have to work out the discount to take it down 90%, no real big deal but would make my life easier if this could be fixed. I have read many many forum posts asking how to impact with a percentage rather than an amount, but never seen a solution. So I need this plus more I am using
  2. Thanks for info. I am still very new to Prestashop and have never updated it. Does it effect any modules, or the theme i switched to?
  3. I did try SMTP and it failed straight away. Will check the links over though. Odd it sends when I resend it though,
  4. Module still not working as I would like it too. It is not working with my combination settings UNLESS I list product as allowing to take orders when out of stock, but obviously don't want this setting on all out of stock products, and surely this negates the need for the module. it also seems to allow as many pre-orders as you want IF single units of stock are added to cart. So if only 1 item is available to pre-order in settings, I can add 5 to cart if added as singles. If I try and add 5 at once it wont work. Also the Pre-Order texts seem to take a few seconds to load, so how quick some customers are they may miss it. Products also show as IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK depending on inventory order settings(see above), neither of which are needed, can these be replaced with the Pre-Order Available rather than that flashing under product.See attached image. I also tried the "notify me when in stock", I brought a product back into stock and did not get any notification.
  5. I need to manage how many pre-orders I accept, can I set a limit? For example, If I have 20 of a new item coming in, I need to set a quantity of 20 so it can accept up to 20 pre-orders and then reverts to out of stock or pre-sold out.
  6. Here is the option where I would have to manually manage stock, looks better, but can foresee over selling! http://www.indemandtoys.a2hosted.com/hot-toys/617-hot-toys-captain-america-civil-war-captain-america-16-scale-figure-pre-order.html Here is the option where I can manage stock http://www.indemandtoys.a2hosted.com/platinum-edition/683-transformers-platinum-edition-unicron-pre-order.html#/27-pre_order_payment_options-full_amount Doesnt look too bad on that last link, but see attached screen shot to show it appears as if in stock on main screenand the Pre-Order text is cropped.
  7. It seems whatever pre-order / stock modules I look at, none do exactly what I want. I have tweaked combinations to offer 10% and Full Payment options on products which I will JUST use for pre-orders. This is fine and works well(modules seem to offer full or part, not both on same product). What I notice though is product still shows as in stock, i can obviously type "PRE-ORDER" on title, and it states pre-order payment options above combinations, but customers will still order thinking it is in stock. So other option is to allow stock when zero stock, and change text to "Pre-Order" on the button. Looks fine, BUT I have no way of managing how much stock is sold, my products are often limited, or we know the exact number we are getting so need some kind of control over inventory. The first option gives me this, the second option does not. The second option highlights its a pre-order more, the first option does not. I need both these to make the set up ideal. Paying the balance if 10% is paid can be dealt with manually(i add a new product showing JUST the balance due and link customer to it), so thats not a problem. Any suggestions? I am using Presta
  8. When an order status is changed to "shipped" the system is not generating an email. If I click "resend" in BO it does generate an email. What could be the problem? Other emails send fine. I am using and all Order -> Statuses settings are correct and active. Anything else I should be checking?
  9. This is what I did:- 1)Created a product attribute called "Payment Options" 2)Created 2, one called 10% Deposit and one called Full Payment. 3)On the product you want to offer a deposit option, i went to combinations and combination generator 4)On left menu highlight the payment options, in this case 10% and Full payment, click add. 5)Add inventory which I believe gets split between the 2, I use sku codes and inventory software so mine automatically adjusts it. Click Generate these combinations 6)Click "edit" on the 10% option and change the section that states "iimpact on price" to "decrease" and then i add the amount that reduces it down to just 10%. So if product is £100 you would enter 90 here. 7)Click save and then it should all work. Let me know if that was ok for people.
  10. I have resolved the pre-order issue and the £ sign issue. I used the combinations Generator with a little tweaking.(see capture attached) for 10% discount. Although don't see why a Combination cant be save to be re-used. I have to go into Generator each time.
  11. Also how can I get the £ sign before amount as it shows after the cost amount??
  12. I am in the process of migrating from a Bigcommerce site to Prestashop which i am really enjoying designing. I have had a number of problems but managed to resolve most by researching and experimenting. But the ones below have me stumped:- 1)My current website offers a 10% deposit on any pre-order item with the option of paying it in full too via radio buttons. See attached "capture1". This works perfectly and BC has a built in feature to state its a pre-order, the radio buttons are my creation from the "product options" section. When the balance is needed i just send each customer a link to a "hidden" product with the balance, not ideal but does the job. What I need:- To be able to add a "payment option" to each pre-order product which gives option of 10% deposit or full payment exactly like my example. Even better if somehow a module could generate/include a way of paying the balance too, but if I manually have to create this as well it's not the end of the world. 2)I imported my customer list from BC and all the info is there except password, i expected this. So I also chose the password column to be the email address so I could advise customers "your temp password is your email address,change when you sing in". But testing this it didnt work, i also tried with no password and it didnt work and get an authentication error(see capture 2). I would love to be able to import my customers rather than asking them to create a new account so any ideas on this error? 3)I am trying to integrate with my order/stock management software Linnworks but at the final stage I get the error Capture 3 and 4 highlight this. 4)Anyone know a way to integrate MyHermes and Interlink so you can print labels direct from BO with a few clicks? I have only been working on my Prestashop a week and have little knowledge so treat me as a newbie, although I can follow instructions well. I am happy to pay for modules if they achieve what I want. Thanks everyone for your help. I am using
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