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KsIcecat Module Configuration Issue


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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for taking time to read this post.

I am new to prestashop, and not much good at programming.

Anyway I set up prestashop on my server, installed the ksicecat module, had the module activated by the kind people at KleverSoft, however I am having probelems configuring the module.

When I import it shows all the manufacturers and models etc, when I select the products I want then click import I get this error message

Error - Is not Object:http://email:[email protected]/export/freexml.int/INT/11.xml – false

Also on configuration tab I have this error

"The user configuration, password and account type are not correct."

Now I checked and tried the icecat login username and password and its correct and I can login sucessfully using the same details on the icecat website, so why is it displaying this error?

I would really appreciate if someone can help me with these errors, any help would be great, as I can not progress any further until this is resolved. Please Please

Kind Regards

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