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So before making a big thing out of this, I'd like to ask for some quick thoughts on this.


Google has developed the 'Google Shopping Module' which has the purpose to "save time and extra work"


So after setting everything up, on the last step where Google asks you which fields correspond to which google fields.

(Price -> Price, Produkt-Nr. -> Produkt-Nr. etc.)

there is one field which obviously is a must: "Google Categories"


You can't add Products without a Category. Additionally, putting all Products into one Google Category isn't a solution since our Shop has several different Products which need entirely different Categories.


So having said that, there is a neat little field that ask you which feature or value you want to use as Google Category.

the string I need to pass is along the lines of: "Heim & Garten > Küche & Esszimmer > Küchengeräte > Küchenherde"

Problem: I can't use the symbol ">" since that is a forbidden symbol for features.

So now I have a field which would let me do just what I need -> to place each product into a different Category by simply choosing said Category as a Feature. However I can't do that since I can't add the string.


The other option would be to use the Numerical Code of the Category, but that's not really an option either since how in the world am I supposed to remember all the IDs of the Google Categories whenever I edit a product.


I believe this to a be quite a serious bug to the module.


Any thoughts or Corrections?


PS: I have contacted the Google Developer over Prestashop and linked to this thread. I will also update with the solution so that everyone may reference this in the future.

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We are in the same situation. It seems the developers aren't aware of the importance of this info. The Google employees told us that the google product category is one of the most important information for Google Shooping feeds. We also wrote an Email to the developers several weeks ago but no reaction yet. Right now I can't even think of a dirty hot fix.


Unfortunately in the current state the module is quite useless... What a pity!


Feature improvement idea: Add a field for the google category to the prestashop category or to a special table in the database, see google shopping flux for inspiration

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