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isue on "bigpic" on product page


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hello everyone,


i noticed on some of my products -i don't know yet why on these ones and not on other ones...-

a bug about the default picture,

Concerned products have several pictures


On the products pages, the picture used to show the item do not match with the pic defined during the creation of the product in backoffice .

Indeed, thanks to console tool, i see that the image link headed to 10.jpg (a dress of prestashop default catalogue) and not to the correct product picture. (i have also 14.jpg, 16.jpg...)




but once, mouse passed on the miniature image, everything goes fine again




I did not make any changes recently, but i have since made a regeneration of pictures, but no change


Does anybody would know why this url headed to this picture image (10.jpg) and not to real pictures of the product?


thanks a lot in advance

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