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Mail send help - urgent


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Hey guyz, i am using prestashop contact form to mail a static code to users. How would I change code below so that it can send email to "from" field email address along with code.
The email sent should have my site's logo in body along static code and some predefined message and a subject.

$errors = array();

$smarty->assign('contacts', Contact::getContacts(intval($cookie->id_lang)));

if (Tools::isSubmit('submitMessage'))
   if (!($from = Tools::getValue('from')) OR !Validate::isEmail($from))
       $errors[] = Tools::displayError('invalid e-mail address');
       if (intval($cookie->id_customer))
           $customer = new Customer(intval($cookie->id_customer));
       if (Mail::Send(intval($cookie->id_lang), 'contact', 'Message from contact form', array('{email}' => $_POST['from'], '{message}' => stripslashes('test')), $contact->email, $contact->name, $from, (intval($cookie->id_customer) ? $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname : $from)))
           $smarty->assign('confirmation', 1);
           $errors[] = Tools::displayError('an error occurred while sending message');

$email = Tools::safeOutput(Tools::getValue('from', ((isset($cookie) AND isset($cookie->email) AND Validate::isEmail($cookie->email)) ? $cookie->email : '')));
   'errors' => $errors,
   'email' => $email

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Edit classes/Mail.php

if (!isset($from)) $from = $configuration['PS_SHOP_EMAIL']; 

Replace with:

$from = $configuration['PS_MAIL_USER'];

Or any other address email.

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