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  1. My updated failed. I had to roll back to old version. Home editor did not get updated(some spanish/french content). Discounted products panel screwed up. I think that presta should come up with good documentation. I am not happy with the updates. And with the current version(1.2) language packs doesnt get installed correctly.
  2. i will do your way. if anything i will bother you/ Thank you .
  3. Hi guyz, the new prestashop update doesnt detect the old version which is installed in "public_html" folder directly. The location of new update is "public_html/prestashop_1.3.1". The option "Update: Get the latest stable version (no old version detected)" is disabled. Any help is appreciated...
  4. Hi all, I need to know if i upgrade my current version 1.2 to 1.3, will it override all my settings including customized pages such as home editor etc?
  5. no i think image doesnt help. i need to display on main page on an anchor.
  6. Yes it is bigger than "title" tag... i could not find "image mapping " ... And version 1.3 is not stable yet. Any other help?
  7. Hey guyz, do you know how to create a tooltip in prestashop... and/or using jquery???
  8. it works rocky. Thank you very much.
  9. No i am using a cookie different than presta...somethink like....then how would i change? Thank you man <?php if (!(isset($_COOKIE["vip"])) ) setcookie("vip", "xyz", time()+3600); //one hour ?>
  10. i think my case is different. I am not allowed to show prices and add to chart to any one on the web unless they request that static code to be mailed them...(like lifemana.com)...Yes i am using cookie to ensure that... the only thing left is that if statement in few pages. I need to someone to point/correct where my statement is wrong... even below doesnt work. Anyone? {if (isset($_COOKIE["vip"]) && ($_COOKIE["vip"] =='xyz') )} $sty = "style='display: inline;'"; $vipTrue=1; { else} $sty = "style='display: none;'"; $vipTrue=0; {/if} {convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}
  11. i already googled and there is something i cannot see the error... any one else.
  12. hi all, i am implementing below code in product-list.tpl however it doesnt work .... am i doing something wrong? <?php if (isset($_COOKIE["vip"]) && ($_COOKIE["vip"] =='xyz') ) { $sty = "style='display: inline;'"; $vipTrue=1; } else { $sty = "style='display: none;'"; $vipTrue=0; } ?> {convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}
  13. i believe that i could not explain myself... we are no on the same page
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