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Problem with different carrier and delivery


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Hello everybody,

Here is my problem: I sells product "A" (these are available products) and product "B" (pre-orders) I create a warehouse for the product "A" and several warehouses for products "B". I associated carrier 1 for warehouse products "A" and another carrier for products "B". When a customer orders one or more products "A", I have my carrier logo and retail delivery. No problem When a customer orders me 1 or more products "B" Again, I have my parent carrier that is displayed with logo and delivery details no problem there either When a customer orders me 1 product "A" and one product "B", that's where I met my problem I have my order which is divided into 2, but the details of the carrier I have only the price that appears. The details and logos of carriers appears pas.Avec firebug: I noticed that there were lines that were disabled: see PJ Is this just is where the problem? Is that you can help me please? Thanking you in advance With current prestashop I also have an FTP allows me to do the mods I'm sorry for my english i'm french



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