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Tags: Product list is empty in Catalog > Tags


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Dear All,


My first message, but I already spent hours on the forum to build my website.

Very useful and life saving! Thank you for all the support.


This time I have to make my own topic as I didn't find an answer for my problem.


Yesterday I imported new tags with the CSV Import tool. It worked and the tags are on all my products, as you can see on this screenshot: http://prnt.sc/c3skkw


The problem is in Catalog > Tags.

I see that there are some products on all my tags: http://prnt.sc/c3sloy

But when I click on a tag the list is empty: http://prnt.sc/c3sly9

And there are only empty tags on the Front End.


Did it happens to someone else? How did you fix it (not manually I mean, selecting all products for every tag)?


Thank you in advance.



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Hi archSandy,


Thank you for your answer. It's similar to my problem indeed.


I changed blocktags.tpl as you explained in the other thread: http://prnt.sc/cc22il Is the syntax ok?

Then I changed Template compilation and cache and refreshed my page (I also checked with a private window).


I don't even have the empty boxes on the category page anymore. I used to have empty tags, but now there is nothing at all: http://sartoriasapone.com/17-bands


Any idea what I can try?

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It does not work on my side. This is what I see: http://prnt.sc/cd6jh7

There are no tags at all, just the block, empty. I tried on another device, and I can't see any tag as well.


Update: I had 2 products disabled, because I was missing pictures. I enabled them today. Now I have 1 tag :)http://prnt.sc/cd8gnn but only one...


Update 2: This is the same tag I have on all pages... even those not related to this tag.

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