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Bug in Guest Checkout when shipping/invoice addresses are different countries


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I'm currently running PrestaShop and we have run into a bit of a difficulty.  When a guest attempts to checkout and their shipping and invoice addresses are in different countries, it requires that both of them use the Zip format from the Delivery address.


So if a person wants to use their billing address in Canada, they should use a zip format of 'A0A 0A0'. However, if they are trying to ship it to a US address, it requires that their billing address use the US format of '00000'. So the Canadian invoice address will never be seen as matching the correct format even though it is correct for the address block that it is in.


Is this something that I'm going to have to go into the code to fix or is there an easier way to do this through the backend?


It definitely does seem to be a bug, however.


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