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Backoffice -cannot get second page of articles


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Hello everyone.

I already lost a week just with one problem I have with prestashop.I go try explain best I can.


I never noticed the problem before but eventually even could already exist.

Created in 1002 products on the site and have thousands more to put but I encounter a strange and annoying problem that keeps me not moving forward, I already lost a lot of time with a  delay because of a  migration between accounts in hosting company.

In backcoffice on the products listing appears all products, icons, names etc etc. However when I try to go to page 2 it of error and so can return to the site to put www.sitename / admin area

This always happens independently even if I put the possibility of 1,000 products, 50, etc etc whenever I try to go to the second page of the catalog of error even up trying to go page by page or directly to the last.

The produts exists becuase if a make seach by id or name in backoffice even with a error they show after second try,give a error like dont show but I make F5 and produt is showed,if I make the same with page 2 I can try 2,3,4 times give the same error.Just make www.sitename / admin area show the articles.

There is according to themes or own prestashop any option that has moved that has damaged these options because not remember fiddle around this kind of options.Normaly I avoid move in backoffice areas, in front there until I can move, testing etc., as just reinstall the security copy on the server.

Usually always use by default articles 1000 to 1000 so never had this problem even in test sites I've ever done.Even when I was with old site,templates or shared hosted account or other tests befor start with prestashop.


I already make a clone of site,take out the template and addons in default but gives me the same error,that I see that is not a template error.



Server information

Server information Linux #1 SMP Tue Dec 16 20:36:56 MSK 2014 x86_64

Server software version Apache

PHP version 5.6.22

Memory limit 512M

Max execution time 512

Current theme in use leo_shopping 1.0


Best regards


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