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Product list will only be displayed on the last subcategory page


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Hi, everyone.
i am new to prestashop, spent few days on learning how the backend works, and reading down the line of codes sometimes. and i have this problem.
let say i have AAA as main category and it has SA1 and SA2 as its subcategory, currently i have say 100 products, 50 of them are inside SA1 and another 50 is inside SA2.

right now the condition is that when i clicked on AAA, it will displayed 2 sub categories and the whole products
and when i clicked on one of the subcategories, it will displayed it's corresponding products

what i wanted s that the products will only displayed when it reach the last node of the category tree, so if i have
SSA1 : 50 products
SSA2 : 25 products
SSA3 : 50 products

SA2 : 50 products

the products will only be displayed when i clicked: SSA1, SSA2, SSA3 and SA2

i have search this forum regarding the answer, but havent find any
i hope my question is clear enough, many thanks for the help
i will also try things on my own and will post things here if something comes up.



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So you don't want products displayed in parent categories? Unless I'm missing something, this is very easy to do. Just edit your products and untick the parent categories from the "categories" section on the "1. Info." tab of the product editor, leaving just the leaf category ticked (and the home category if it is a featured product).

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ok i think i've found that

is it on

catalog >> categories (click one of the cat) >> sub categories (click one of them) >> products (click one of them)

hmm does this means that i need to do this for all of the products ??
i currently have 1000 something products, so should i repeat this 1000 times ??


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i am sorry that i ask to much :D

i am at phpmyadmin, and on that table we have these fields

id_category, id_product, position

and here's the screenshot, can you give me a hint on which one to delete ??

thanks again


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You've done it right. Just delete all the rows that have the parent category IDs in the first column. I'm not familiar with your category structure, so I can't help any more.

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