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Not showing most states under most countries in prestashop


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I imported all the localization pack but most of the countries does not show any states, so what is the solution, please reply as soon as possible if any one knows


I just recently launched a prestashop site. Seeing over 200+ countries in the back office we decided to enable them to offer our products world wide. Quickly we had people reporting that they have nowhere to enter the province in. What we discovered was that if the state/province information was not in the system the field disappears. 

Under the localization tab, I see that they have some localization packs available which is suppose to download the provinces/states. I went through the whole list and downloaded them all but still don't have none of the provinces/states for MOST of the countries on the list. My questions:

1. Do the localization packs available not have the required province information?

2. Is there anywhere else I can download localization packs?

3. If no, does this mean I have to manually go through the countries i want to support and add in all the provinces?

I would think that this could be solved if the field was not a dropdown and users could enter their province/state themselves (obviously prone to typos). Any information regarding this is appreciated.

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