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Australia, SecurePay gateway, total joke, makes Presta look bad


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The two provided modules are attached.


v1.0.1-secureframe (1).zip


This is supposedly a payment gateway for PrestaShop,
"Download our SecureFrame PrestaShop module, compatible with the latest versions of Prestashop"

Signing up with SecurePay involves a lengthy rigamarole, business bank accounts only, layers of validation, verification, processing periods. Them testing your store, policies, terms & conditions etc.


It's a shame the same diligence is not applied to their provided gateway.
First attempt to use generated a "Fingerprint Error"
I was given information for the 2010 dated, SecurePay version, then found the equivalent in the SecureFrame module... Error unfixed for six years!
The code has an error with timedate stamps, requiring timedate stamps in 24hr mode, but the code is 12hr. The files in the module were last updated in May 2015.
Evidently noone's used the module for at least that long, and then the next error, proving it's apparently never used, and never tested at all.

With the code no longer generating a fingerprint error, due to the timestamp, it "apparently" processes a transaction. But the cart never clears, it does not return the payment as processed.
I've been told the fault was my SSL (lets encrypt on a test copy of server... fair enough) But it still failed with a Trustwave SSL.


"Oh, the validation module is not responding... test it with this online tool"

... with the inference there is some fault in my server set up. Test fails... open the file..../module/secureframe/validation see the zip attached....

ITS NOTHING BUT COMMENT, SAYING THE FILE IS DEPRECATED I wonder why their server can't deliver a paid status to that file.....

To put it mildly, I'm livid. Not the first time either, I looked at SecurePay and Prestashop, due to similar faults with eWay and XCart (illegal zero tax errors, no receipt for surcharge functionality etc).

Doesn't anyone test code anymore?


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I understand your frustration. Australia is often forgotten by developers in other countries, maybe because of our small population and large expanse of ocean between us.


Unfortunately, writing and testing payment modules is hard, but we deserve PrestaShop modules too. I've added SecurePay to my list of modules to write in the future, though it's admittedly a long list of modules and I don't know how long it will take for me to get around to it.


Please post anything you can here that may help us to create a SecurePay PrestaShop module.

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If SecurePay Australia did not offer the module download for PrestaShop, (as a current up to date solution too!) there wouldn't be a problem, just an unsupported cart. 


I could probably fix it, but I've no time left, it's harvest season, 6 weeks for 12mths income.


I wouldn't advise writing a module for it, apparently there's zero demand for it since 2010 given the existing code errors alhough it may have worked for PrestaShop1.2 back then.

Certainly in the past 14 months, noone else has used the gateway with presta, so there's no market for a fixed module.

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Thank you,

I did see that. They fixed the Hour stamp, and shuffled a little code.

Also still assumed that reaching the payment gateway meant the module worked, ie. still untested, it doesn't complete the transaction in Prestashop.

Additionally, only installable by replacing old version, otherwise it cannot be selected for Australian currency (nice code shuffle)


Looking at the controller code in success.php, which does get called despite SecurePay's claims (a simple echo statement proves that),  it appears it isn't actually written to complete the transaction at all


Seems I'll need to make a copy of the bankwire module, and tell customers to send via paypay to an email address if they wish to use credit... then deal with the paypal problems.

About all I've time for this season, I'm >>12hrs/7days

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