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Strange problem with shipping costs + billing / shipping adresses


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recently there is a really strange behaviour appearing on our Prestashop (little edited default-bootstrap theme).

Sometimes there are orders to foreign countries where only the rate for domestic shipping for that certain weight is charged. Somehow in back-office the name of the carrier is the right (foreign) one but the charged rate is wrong.

The only coincidence I can see is that in that cases the customers somehow have a delivery adress in the foreign country, but a billing adress in Germany. But seemingly the German adress isn't saved to their account (in the adress dropdown there is only the foreign one).


I already tried to reproduce the behaviour with deleting and changing adresses during the order process, but in all cases the shop calculated the right shipping costs.

The customers paid via Paypal (happened before and after the recent update). While searching I found different cases about Paypal overwriting some adresses and changing shipping costs. May the problem be related to this? Evrything I read till now was not exactly what we are experiencing.
Unfortunately I can not completely retrace the problem, because I don't know how exactly the customers acted during the order.


Somebody else had or heard about this problem? Is there a way to avoid this? Right now w have to cancel and refund the orders and ask the customers to order again.


Thanks in advance for your help!


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