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I need feed back on my new website

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First thing I noticed is that this website is not secured with an SSL certificate. Even if you're just using PayPal to process payments, it's important to make sure your clients feel secure when they're entering their email, phone number, and street address into your website.


The logo could definitely use some work. It looks like you typed something in Photoshop and added text effects. You need something more dominant; something that stick's in somebody's mind.


The sliders are very, very, generic and bland -- the attention span of humans is now at an all time low: it's down to nine seconds; three down from 2000 (it used to be 12). That means you have nine seconds to convince someone that they need what your selling and these sliders are not doing it for me.


I don't mean to be harsh but I do want your online business to succeed, so I'm being honest. Hope you take something out of this. :)

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above good points.  (ssl) is a sham!  But well google give better ranking, this is toy with China blocking of content...so we do what they say do.  There are new ssl certs that are free (this from community member dh42 via skype) I do not know more....pm me  I can get more info for you.


here is thing...you have concentrated on building your 'catalog'. Good job! Implementing Design/templates etc. if started before catalog  build is where most shops fail, putting the horse before the cart.  


Now that you have native ps configured, catalog built.you can now think about a 'quality' theme.  I mean quality...paid solution.  So budget future monies for quality theme.  Follow best practices,  back up so you don't lose your hard work.


Remember,  making big rocks into little rocks takes time....(hard work)


for performance improvement  back office-->advanced parms-->performance-->scroll down,  enable JavaScript load bottom.  retest front office/cart etc.


Good luck!

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Logo should be more attractive.

Store is too slow event cms pages

Payment logos should be there in footer area

Colorscheme should be according to Products you are selling

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This is my first website on Prestashop.

I want to know what you think about my website ?

How can i make it more better ?

Thank you all of you.



The overall design of your website is fine, but i do not like the logo.

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