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[SOLVED] Problems with getting a plugin into PrestaShop

Rickard Lund

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Hi everybody, I'm new here, so bear with my shortcomings.

I'm a intern/developer, writing a plugin for my company at the moment. I've set up the plugin specification as dictated by all the guides I've found.
I've also made sure that the plugin is following these instructions:


The problem is that when I try to upload my .zip-file with the form in the Back Office, it displays the "Success"-message, but the plugin is nowhere to be found, and nothing has been added to my modules folder.

I've been trying out a whole bunch of different things, and I've just run out of options.

The enviroment is on my localhost, on OSX 10.6.3 (Snow Leopard), Apache 2.2, MySQL 5+ and PHP 5.2. Are there any known conflicts in any of this? Could it be because of the autogenerated .DS_Store-files? (Shot in the dark, but hey, stranger things have happened). Anything ... really.

I'd be most grateful if anyone could please tell this noob wtf he's doing wrong.

Best regards

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