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Prestashop don't load file "serialScroll.js"

Yan Studio

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Hi Prestashop Team I Need Your Help

My Prestashop don't load file "serialScroll.js" as a result pagination is not working the file is there but for some reason is not working

prestashop in a clean install (no updates) the only thing that i done is to install the theme


The Link to see the problem is:

The Previous Pagination Arrow is not working only the next is working

Please Help

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serialScroll.js is normally loaded from some controllers, especially CategoryController in your case.
Check in file /controllers/front/CategoryController.php, function setMedia (line 63 if PS, you should have something like:
            $this->addJqueryPlugin(array('scrollTo', 'serialScroll'));

Maybe did you change or override (with /override/controllers/front/CategoryController.php) that file?



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