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"Blazing fast"...


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Hi to everyone!

I have to admit prestashop is amazing product for the price. Sleek, easy to install, somewhat easy to manage in the back office, localizations, tons of features etc... There seems like an architecture behind it too. Great job guys! You've made and earned it I hope.

However I came to notice, when i started modifying your installation by adding just one additional product (and perhaps this is not really important) that requests like http://localhost:9090/product.php?id_product=8 are taking more then 2.5 sec to complete. Hmm, that's on a system with the 8 products, 2 manufacturers, and 1 concurrent user. Are you seriously thinking guys it's "Blazing Fast"? What will happen in real life e-commerce shop where all those numbers are 100-1000 bigger? I'm now stopping evaluating prestashop until this issue is resolved. And speaking of resolution, I traced MySQL requests which you guys are generating on that particular web call: product.php?id_product=8 and there are 499 of them!

Four hundred ninety nine database queries for one web call! I hope you don't want us to buy $1M Sun Fire machines to host our tiny MySQL databases, don't you?

- Firebug Image.
- MySQL query log for a single web request.



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Boy, I looked at that SQL log and laughed my butt off.

The use of Smarty is *supposed* to take care of that. How many times did the currency table get queried?

Personally, I don't think the developers of PS had any real database design knowledge and are just putting band-aids on
the gaping hole in their head.

I am working on a CodeIgniter based MVC e-commerce shop and, believe me, it is going to be a whole lot slicker than PS, for sure. I'm kind of forced to use this because of where I work.

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