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Issues Since Upgrade To Php 5.6 And Mysql 5.6


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My host Lunarpages, recently upgraded php, mysql and apache. I have had big issues ever since.

  • Customer can create an account but can't login. Screen just refreshes with no error/warning
  • Cant save products because the Save button just keeps spinning - although ok with Chrome
  • Can't UPDATE STATUS on orders. Again the screen refreshes but nothing happens and no error messages.
  • From the Order page, I can't send a message to customer. Again screen just refreshes but nothing

I have tried a few things but no good :wacko:

  • Cleared my Smarty Cache
  • Played around with suhosin attributes in php.ini
  • Turned things off in performance
  • Used FF, IE11 and Chrome

Should I ask my host to revert back both PHP and MYSQL or just PHP. If someone could give me some advice?


I would prefer to leave it and find a solution but at this rate my shop isn't working very well and if going back to previous version fixes it, then so be it


My Information

PrestaShop version

Shop URL http://www.esmoking.com.au/

Current theme in use default-bootstrap

Apache Version     2.4.18 (linux)
PHP Version     5.6.18
MySQL Version     5.6.29

Memory limit 64M

Max execution time 1000

Mail method You are using the PHP mail() function.



memory_limit = 64M
max_execution_time = 1000;
max_input_time = -1;
post_max_size = 20M;
upload_max_filesize = 20M;
max_input_vars = 10000;
suhosin.get.max_vars = 10000;
suhosin.post.max_vars = 10000;


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My host Lunarpages just told me they can't revert my PHP version. I am stuck with PHP Version : 5.6.18


Now I really need the help of the Prestashop community. Surely I am not the only one with these symptoms.


I have the latest version with no modifications running the default template? Doesn't make sense other wise everyone would be complaining.


The main theme to my issues seems to be the page refreshes when I submit or hit enter and nothing happens. Hard to pinpoint without any error messages


Anyone can point me in some direction.

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The solution was staring at me from day one with another post that someone put up about suhosin settings in PHP


If you have the same symptoms and your PHP version is 5.6.x then update your php.ini file


in your home directory edit php.ini and add the following lines


suhosin.get.max_vars = 10000;
suhosin.post.max_vars = 10000;
suhosin.cookie.disallow_nul = Off;
suhosin.get.disallow_nul = Off;
suhosin.post.disallow_nul = Off;
suhosin.request.disallow_nul = Off;

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