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Unable To Style In Cms


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Hi guys,


FIsrt I tried out to search a solution on the forum.


I'm currently trying out to design a table in cms (http://alicoco.fr/content/5-paiement-securise) :

<table class="beauvert" style="height: 23px; width: auto; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; background-color: rgba(132, 185, 8, 0.8); border-radius: 10px;" cellpadding="5">

it works fine on the preview in the back office, BUT, when I clic on register, the part

background-color: rgba(132, 185, 8, 0.8); border-radius: 10px;" cellpadding="5"

just disapears and I don't understand how to fix it : I tried to remove "escape HTML"s on TPLs, change TYPE_STRING to TYPE_HTML on classes, but still the same


(I don't know how to put these propreties in the beauvert class on global.css instead either  :unsure:  )






I also tried to code


and it's worse :  text on it is erased with it when saving ...


Is that a bug a a function ?





problem is when I

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