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Dashboard & Statistics - They Never Work..


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Hello all !


I've built around 6 PrestaShop shops using both 1.5 and 1.6 versions. I really like many of the PrestaShop features and the way it works, but I am getting really frustrated with the Dashboard and Statistics, for the simple fact that in all shops I developed, they simple do not work, in all ! This is a must for any shop, and I can't find a reason for them not to work.


I don't know if there is something to be done before, of if there is any settings I should do, but the fact is that in all stores, this happens (see images) post-1047164-0-06128000-1455881342_thumb.png post-1047164-0-69018200-1455881347_thumb.png


- The dashboard displays visits, but not the sales (with or without the invoicing system turned on)


- The Stats display sales and customers, and some other stats, but not the price of the sales..


- The Stats display none "Best Seller" products, when I had almost 1000 sold products.


Long story short; there are some information that are displayed, others are not.. does this happen with anyone else too ?? Shouldn't this be like "all works" or "all does not work", instead of "some things work, others don't"?


I have no idea why these basic features are not working, in some of the stores the modifications made to the PrestaShop out-of-the-box store were minimal, so there was no reason for them not to work. No fancy modules were installed, no core modifications were made..


Where should I look ? Where to start ? Is there any module that work with this correctly ?



A problem like this will eventually make people move away from PrestaShop, which is very sad. I've searched for some solutions, found some complains but no concrete explanation of why this is happening. 


Thank you for your time !

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I have the same issue....I would love to move away from prestashop, but not sure what it will entail. I have spent alot of money on development of my site. There are just too many bugs in prestashop. VERY Frustrating!!!!! Does anyone know which ecommerce platform is easiest to migrate to?


Dashboard doesn't display correct stats

Abandoned Carts for the day is completely wrong and the list goes on ...

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