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Catn Edit Or Create New Pages In Preferences > Cms


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Hi guys.


I have recently set up a new shop v1.6.1.4 and now i have encountered a problem i cant find a solution to.


I cant edit or create pages in the Preferences > CMS area, and im not really getting much of errors to work with as it says: Server Error 500.




My hope is that some of you have encountered a similar error and know how to fix it.


Thanks in advance i really appreciate it.

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Hello scumdk


1. Turn Off and turn On the SEO friendly URLs. This will generate the a .htaccess file on your root.
2. Download the .htaccess file. Comment the line “SetEnv HTTP_MOD_REWRITE On” by putting # before the line and reupload.



Please make sure you take backup of your old .htaccess file.

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