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[Solved] Cannot Display 3 Column Products In The Product-List.tpl


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I've upgraded a 1.5+ to 1.6.14 and got into a problem with the category pages products display.

The 1.5 product-list.tpl was displaying 3 products per row on a total width of 730px, each <li> having 230px width.

The 1.5 product grid had 730px.

The 1.6 product grid is set up for 900px.

I want to use the new product-list.tpl to display the same 3 products per row in a product grid of 730px instead of the default 900px.

Currently each <li> now extends to full 730px thus being displayed one per row.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?


[solved] The old .js and .css of course were not matching after upgrade.


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