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Updating Your Forums

Sylvain CM

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First of all, feel free to translate me… in fact, that’s what I’m asking you to do today :)


I’ve been working on a new forum structure for all PrestaShop Communities. You can see the results in Deutsch and Italian sections for now. This structure will allow I hope better conversations and community help.


The only thing left to do is translate this structure: I will then update your section.


Ready? Go! And thank you for the translation!






# General Forum

## This section covers general questions that can’t fit any other forum.


# Community support and help

## All questions and answers about installing, upgrading, configuring or using PrestaShop. Ask the community for help!


# PrestaShop Merchants

## All things to boost your sales, showcase your work, or even find a freelancer.


# PrestaShop Developers

## Technical discussions about PrestaShop development of module and themes.


# Free modules and templates


> When presenting your module or theme, we advise you to attach it directly to your post.

> The alternative is any other link as soon as it is pointing to your module or theme and you are an active contributor of the community (at least 100 posts in the forums).

> Everything else, especially misleading links or links to a marketplace home page, will be taken down.

> Remember: this forum is not an advertisng hub, so take the time to also provide community support!

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