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Hi Everyone,


I have been consistently getting large numbers of direct link traffic, mine is a very new website, about 1 month old, I get about 20 organic, referrals etc. But for the last few weeks each days I get 1000 sometimes 2000 visits from direct links. Now none of this ever equate to any real sales. I am wondering if anyone else experience this, how do I find out if its real or bots and what to do with this.  The other things is that the direct link traffic never shows on Google Analytics.  So I am suspicious...


Look forward to your comments.



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Well,  I presume the traffic you are having are coming from bots. As there is no better investigation possible without extra service, you can try to contact the support on your cloud account dashboard for it. Perhaps they can verify it for you (as unpaid service). ;) If not, you should take into consideration, to have more flexibility on your page, to migrate to own hosted server package.

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