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Something is wrong and I just don't know what.


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Hi everyone


I have a problem with my Prestashop (latest version) site www.rjsp.com.au  and or its hosting and I just don't know what it is but first some history.


I purchased an established business back in October 2014, it had a web presence in the form of a very old clunky website. In February 2015 we replaced that with a shiny new Prestashop version. At that time we were on shared hosting, our traffic started to increase month on month as did our sales.


Our shared hosting package started to struggle with the traffic so we decided to move to a managed VPS with the same provider and that's when the problems started.


Immediately our traffic reduced by about 70% as did our sales. We checked the site regularly and asked our host to check the configuration. After lots of calls and reassurances they finally found out that they had configured one of the DNS settings incorrectly which meant that the site was only showing to a small amount of IP's including ours. 
They put it right but we just did not recover. After reviewing our SEO, tweaking and testing our site we still saw no improvement. We made the decision last week to move to a new host that is highly recommended by Prestashop Again on a VPS we are also going to be using the Cloudflare Service through them along with Railgun to improve speed.
Although we have only been with them just over a week some days we receive ZERO traffic and I have the feeling that something must still be wrong. We are not on the first page of google for our products but then we never were to start with. As far as I know we have not been penalised by Google and everything is online and functioning as it should. I've tested with Pingdom & SEO Checkup to name a few and all is apparently ok. Sitemaps are up to date with Webmaster tools and we are being crawled regularly.
What am I missing?
Has anyone got any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Bill

Yes a couple (but only after the server problem had been rectified) & we had a problem with the back end of the site was when we first upgraded to the latest version we lost some functionality at the back end. We were unable to change prices and had problems managing stock levels as there were category "issues" being flagged up by the site. We tried to resolve with a fresh install but then lost all the images so we reverted back to the "not functioning 100% version). When we moved to the new hosting we tried a fresh install and it was all resolved, not entirely sure why.

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James, you have a fantastic site I'm sure it will bounce back. I took a look at your Robots.txt file. It is not generated by Prestashop. Currently it is using a directive that tells search engines like Google to "decease" crawling and indexing your pages. 


User-agent: * 
Crawl-Delay: 20
I would go to BO Preferences  > SEO & URLs and regenerate your "robots.txt".
Give it a couple of weeks and continue to find web sites that will link to you. Getting your suppliers to link to you is some of the most valuable links you can get. Google will notice those links and it will help your web site. 
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Yes, much better.

# robots.txt automaticaly generated by PrestaShop e-commerce open-source solution# http://www.prestashop.com - http://www.prestashop.com/forums# This file is to prevent the crawling and indexing of certain parts# of your site by web crawlers and spiders run by sites like Yahoo!# and Google. By telling these "robots" where not to go on your site,# you save bandwidth and server resources.# For more information about the robots.txt standard, see:# http://www.robotstxt.org/robotstxt.htmlUser-agent: *# Allow DirectivesAllow: */modules/*.cssAllow: */modules/*.js# Private pagesDisallow: /*?orderby=Disallow: /*?orderway=Disallow: /*?tag=Disallow: /*?id_currency=Disallow: /*?search_query=Disallow: /*?back=Disallow: /*?n=Disallow: /*&orderby=Disallow: /*&orderway=Disallow: /*&tag=Disallow: /*&id_currency=Disallow: /*&search_query=Disallow: /*&back=Disallow: /*&n=Disallow: /*controller=addressesDisallow: /*controller=addressDisallow: /*controller=authenticationDisallow: /*controller=cartDisallow: /*controller=discountDisallow: /*controller=footerDisallow: /*controller=get-fileDisallow: /*controller=headerDisallow: /*controller=historyDisallow: /*controller=identityDisallow: /*controller=images.incDisallow: /*controller=initDisallow: /*controller=my-accountDisallow: /*controller=orderDisallow: /*controller=order-opcDisallow: /*controller=order-slipDisallow: /*controller=order-detailDisallow: /*controller=order-followDisallow: /*controller=order-returnDisallow: /*controller=order-confirmationDisallow: /*controller=paginationDisallow: /*controller=passwordDisallow: /*controller=pdf-invoiceDisallow: /*controller=pdf-order-returnDisallow: /*controller=pdf-order-slipDisallow: /*controller=product-sortDisallow: /*controller=searchDisallow: /*controller=statisticsDisallow: /*controller=attachmentDisallow: /*controller=guest-tracking# DirectoriesDisallow: */classes/Disallow: */config/Disallow: */download/Disallow: */mails/Disallow: */modules/Disallow: */translations/Disallow: */tools/# FilesDisallow: /*en/password-recoveryDisallow: /*en/addressDisallow: /*en/addressesDisallow: /*en/loginDisallow: /*en/cartDisallow: /*en/discountDisallow: /*en/order-historyDisallow: /*en/identityDisallow: /*en/my-accountDisallow: /*en/order-followDisallow: /*en/order-slipDisallow: /*en/orderDisallow: /*en/searchDisallow: /*en/quick-orderDisallow: /*en/guest-trackingDisallow: /*en/order-confirmation# SitemapSitemap: https://rjsp.com.au/1_index_sitemap.xml
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