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Overriding controller in module


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I'm new to prestashop, so it is possible that I got it wrong...


Is possible (how?) to override a controller within a module? I mean I want to create module which changes a little bit of behaviour of e.g. FrontController. I maybe combining two different things, but it would be nice...


I've tried something like creating /modules/mymodule/override/controllers/front/FrontController.php but it didn't work (no error, nothing). (I've followed advice with overriding FrontController class from this thread: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10052690/login-only-prestashop-catalog - answer from bmunslow and I want to apply that into module)


I want to solve my issue it with modules because of some more logic (e.g. extending db tables and so on which is easily done by installing the module on back office)


Thanks for your tips.

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