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Help Desperately needed regarding background image issues


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Hi Guys,


I'm A Newbie to the forum and to developing on Prestashop and I've hit a snag whilst developing my site.


My Boss wants a background image throughout the site, I have manually uploaded this through FTP and then inserted what I believed to be the relevant CSS code for this through the Global.CSS file.


When I load the page full screen all looks great, the second I minimise the screen though into a smaller window, the rest of the content dynamically moves to align with the new smaller window but the background jumps out of sync.


I've googled this to death and can't work out why it's doing this:


the URL is www.aceraxdirect.com


The code I've used is:


body, #page, header, .columns-container{
background: #dcdbdb url('/img/backgrey1.jpg');
background-attachment: fixed;
background-position: center;
I've attached an image to show the issue and a copy of the global.CSS file.
Any help most gratefully received!
Many Thanks
Jason T




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