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Layered Navigation module got broken


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Hey there,


I have lost track when exactly this appeared, but the reality is that my Layered Navigation module (native Prestashop) stopped working properly. There are three huge issues at the moment:


1) attribute, URL and price index update links redirect me to my front office without updating index

2) products from subcategories are not shown though this setting is enabled and filters are created

3) when I select some of my filters in Front office, some filters suddenly become invisible and some of products as well. When filter is deselected, these problem are still present and I can see all available filters and product only after I re-visit category page


I am using custom template from Template Monster, but they are playing fools or totally brainless, idk. Totally gave up on them. Also I updated this module to latest version. Re-installation does not solve anything. Btw I have noticed, that after I delete module and install again I can see my old filters there.


I have tried to clear duplicate entries in database using cleaner module, but this did not change anything. All content in shop is 100% my own, demo content was deleted completely.


I believe that root of this situation in some corrupted DB data, but I have no idea where to check and what should I change there.


URL to see the issue: http://fooddirect.asia/sg/54-sports-nutrition

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