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Cart empties unwillingly


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Hello everyone!


I'm currently developing a shop for my father who sales stamps. (http://bosstamps.nl)

Most of the edits are design focussed, but I think something went wrong in the controller-part or

in my settings in the back-end. When I add a product to the cart and go to another page, the cart clears itself

where it shouldn't. Tried reverting some of my changes of the design, but this has not solved it. 

Someone has suggestions or a possible fix?




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1) Yes, both logged in and logged out.
2) Going to do that in a minute. Never used it, so it's gonna take some time probably.


Furthermore switched back to the newest version. Got a lot of problems with the back-end on the older version. :/

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Reply of adding an item from the homepage was 200OK with the content below.

Edit: Seems ok I think? Sorry for some dutch in the code. ^^

.nl\/25-cart_default\/testobject.jpg","priceByLine":"\u20ac 0,01","name":"TestObject","price":"\u20ac
,"hasCustomizedDatas":false,"customizedDatas":[]}],"discounts":[],"shippingCost":"\u20ac 0,00","shippingCostFloat"
:0,"taxCost":"\u20ac 0,00","wrappingCost":"\u20ac 0,00","nbTotalProducts":1,"total":"\u20ac 0,01","productTotal"
:"\u20ac 0,01","freeShipping":"\u20ac 0,00","freeShippingFloat":0,"hasError":false}
Edited by wouwouwou (see edit history)
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