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ניסיון לבצע generate לתמונות - אני מקבל את השגיאה הבאה


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העברתי את קבצי התמונות לאתר אחר.

אני מנסה לבצע generate ואז מקבל את השגיאה הבאה :


Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3300 bytes) in /home/dviry/public_html/classes/ImageManager.php on line 429



what to do ?

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You probably won't be able to fix it even with a much stronger server you will probably be lack of something else at some point (memory, execution time, etc...).

You might get pass this if you press ctrl-r or f5 each time you get the error and try to continue the post request, it should continue from where it left so you are talking about 2-3 or 50 tries depend on how many products images you have.


If you have a strong local desktop computer, you should try do it locally and then move the shop to the live server.

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