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  1. hi , i cant - because its on my local pc - TEST website, before im upgrading the production website i have accepted the legal conditions And are using an address according to shipping methods? YES I can upload the source - maybe it will help i dont want to upgrade my production and then see that there is problems... maybe there is another solution ? NOTE : on my production website (www.cdsoft.co.il) - i dont have such problem . but when i've upgraded my test website , this problem popup
  2. hi , im trying to solve this problem i have one page checkout module . when a guest or new costumer enter my website and want to buy something, he can't see any payment methods i have check counties / checked zones / checked delivery / checked pref--general - NOTHING HELP i want that in any conditions , my guest/ costumer / any who arrived to my website - will see automatically all the payment module can someone please solve this problem ? i have prestashop
  3. hi, im getting this error in my error_log on my server : Stack trace: #0 /home/xxx/public_html/modules/ganalytics/ganalytics.php(841): CookieCore->__set('ga_cart', 'a:5:{i:301082;a...') #1 /home/xxx/public_html/classes/Hook.php(587): Ganalytics->hookActionCartSave(Array) #2 /home/xxx/public_html/classes/Hook.php(542): HookCore::coreCallHook(Object(Ganalytics), 'hookactionCartS...', Array) #3 /home/xxx/public_html/override/classes/Hook.php(35): HookCore::exec('actionCartSave', Array, NULL, false, true, false, NULL) #4 /home/xxx/public_html/classes/Cart.php(214): Hook::exec('actionCartSave') #5 /home/xxx/public_html/classes/Cart.php(1071): CartCore->update() #6 /home/xxx/public_html/controllers/front/CartController.php(293): CartCore->updateQty(1, 306087, 0, 0, 'up', 0) #7 /home/xxx/public_html/controllers/front/CartController.php(73): CartControllerCore->processChangeProductInCart() #8 /home/xxx/public_html/c in /home/cdsoft1/public_html/classes/Cookie.php on line 176 [01-Feb-2018 22:57:34 Israel] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Forbidden chars in cookie' in /home/xxx/public_html/classes/Cookie.php:176 how can i fix it ? i have vps server, so i dont think it's a memory problem.. or maybe yes ? i have prestashop
  4. hello, i'm getting all this time an error in error_log " HP Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=14355 in /home/cdsoft1/public_html/classes/db/DbPDO.php on line 134 the number of PID is changing from one error to another . what is the problem ? Again and again Again and again Again and again Again and again Again and again
  5. up vote0down votefavorite i have category pages with a lot of products. for example : https://www.cdsoft.co.il/index.php?id_category=218&controller=category&p=2 https://www.cdsoft.co.il/index.php?id_category=218&controller=category&p=3 https://www.cdsoft.co.il/index.php?id_category=218&controller=category&p=4 they all have the same meta title . i want to add to each meta title the string " - page number XX" HOW TO DO IT ?
  6. hi, im getting error when im adding to cart any product. Impossible to add the product to the cart. textStatus: 'parsererror' errorThrown: 'SyntaxError: Unexpected token F in JSON at position 0' responseText: Fatal error im using prestashop what is the problem ?
  7. help !! after upgrading to from - i'm getting blank screen in my website and in my back office.(after login) I've tried to put true in my config file - not getting any error I've deleted "class_index.php" in my cache folder - nothing my website is www.serverparts.co.il bo is : http://www.serverparts.co.il/admin123/index.php?controller=AdminDashboard&token=bd11331d215be68ad173375afbc3ae43 what is wrong ?? in error_log , when i'm entering my website, i'm getting : [28-Jan-2017 13:20:40 US/Eastern] PHP Notice: Undefined index: escape in /home/serverpartsco/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/a9/5f/70/a95f708570efa5ed00a3ad16ab60aee4f374eb6b.file.blocksearch-top.tpl.php on line 30 [28-Jan-2017 13:20:40 US/Eastern] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function escape() on null in /home/serverpartsco/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/a9/5f/70/a95f708570efa5ed00a3ad16ab60aee4f374eb6b.file.blocksearch-top.tpl.php:30 Stack trace: #0 /home/serverpartsco/public_html/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(188): content_588bf3c89dff06_36566715(Object(Smarty_Custom_Template)) #1 /home/serverpartsco/public_html/classes/SmartyCustom.php(317): Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch(Object(Smarty_Custom_Template), NULL, NULL, NULL, false, true, false) #2 /home/serverpartsco/public_html/classes/module/Module.php(2309): Smarty_Custom_Template->fetch() #3 /home/serverpartsco/public_html/modules/blocksearch/blocksearch.php(120): ModuleCore->display('/home/serverpar...', 'blocksearch-top...', 'blocksearch-top...') #4 /home/serverpartsco/public_html/classes/Hook.php(587): BlockSearch->hookTop(Array) #5 /home/serverpartsco/public_html/classes/Hook.php(544): HookCore::coreCallHook(Object(BlockSearch), 'hooktop', Array) #6 /home/se in /home/serverpartsco/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/a9/5f/70/a95f708570efa5ed00a3ad16ab60aee4f374eb6b.file.blocksearch-top.tpl.php on line 30
  8. hi, no - it's still hasn't solved . after the las upgrade , i still need to set the parameters "Out of stock products" which means that i cant choose the option "nothing"
  9. היי, תפנה ל - YANIV MIREL - הוא נמצא בפורום הזה הוא בנה לי מודול נגישות כזה באתר שלי : https://www.cdsoft.co.il/index.php
  10. hi - I've found it i'm using blocklayered module , and there is a function call Ajax call. when i'm using blocklayered- the meta title comes from the ajax function so - with the help of Yaniv Mirel - in line 3174 , on module/blocklayered/blocklayered.php - line 3174 : 'meta_title' => $meta_title . ' | ' . $this->l('page') . ' ' . $p . ' - ' . Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME'),
  11. i did it - but still nothing . i've disabled all the non- prestashop module + disable all overrides. and i'm still not getting any page number on the meta title
  12. YES - it's the same. this is why is so weird. maybe i'm not getting to the meta file, because some module i have ? i think i have seo module that I've bought , but how can i know what is the reason ?
  13. hi, thanks for the reply - but still, i cant see any number on the meta title . i tried to look at category meta title and on sub - category - nothing..
  14. hi, i have category pages with a lot of products. for example : https://www.cdsoft.co.il/index.php?id_category=7&controller=category&id_lang=3&p=4 https://www.cdsoft.co.il/index.php?id_category=7&controller=category&id_lang=3&p=3 https://www.cdsoft.co.il/index.php?id_category=7&controller=category&id_lang=3&p=2 they all have the same meta title . i want to add to each meta title " page number XX" HOW TO DO IT ?